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  • Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

    Bankruptcy Masterclass – Volume 3: Bankruptcy Selling & Closing Clients


    This book discusses the six-step sales process used to close prospective clients so they are delighted to engage the law firm and pay the attorney’s legal fees. First, the rainmaker conducts a Need Analysis during the sales process to determine a prospect’s true need and the real reason the prospect came to meet with the rainmaker. Second, the lawyer asks questions to help the prospect become aware of the prospect’s own true need (i.e., Need Assessment) and not simply the symptom. Third, the attorney offers the Need Solution by connecting the benefits of filing bankruptcy with the prospect’s true need. Fourth, the lawyer identifies all objections and provides additional information to overcome the objections. Fifth, the attorney poses trial close questions when the prospect displays buying signals to gauge the prospect’s level of interest. Sixth, the lawyer offers the Need Satisfaction by asking for the engagement.

    In sum, studying this book should help bankruptcy attorneys feel more competent closing deals during the initial consultation phase. Attorneys who embrace this book will be able to engage more clients.

    Rainmaker’s 17 Secrets to Legal Marketing & Advertising


    Every lawyer who wants to generate clients, build a book of business, and build a successful legal practice should read this book. Now, at last, the 17 secrets to legal marketing and legal advertising are revealed in one book. Lawyers new to marketing can learn first-hand from a seasoned lawyer how rainmakers earn an additional $28,427 thru referrals, direct mail, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

    A lawyer who generates clients is called a “rainmaker.” A rainmaker understands this simple truth:

    Marketing = Clients = Profits = Success = Freedom