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Attorney Robert Schaller

STOP THE MADNESS and get bankruptcy relief. STOP bill collectors from calling and harassing you. STOP the collection letters. STOP wage garnishments that take your hard-earned pay. STOP a bank levy that freezes your bank accounts. Get help and sleep better tonight!

Stated simply, the Schaller Law Firm helps people eliminate debts. Say goodbye to credit card bills, medical bills, vehicle repossession debt, and more. Solutions are provided and stress relieved!

For over 37 years, attorney Schaller has provided clients with high-quality, competitively priced, bankruptcy services. You’re not alone. Let attorney Schaller help you. Solutions are only a phone call away at  (630) 655-1301.

Bankruptcy Relief from the Comfort of Your Home – No Office Visit Required.

We start the process by meeting with you (in-office or via Zoom) to better understand your debt problems. Yes, that’s right. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to get superior legal help. Of course you are always welcome to visit the office in person.

Schaller Law Firm

The Schaller Law Firm is here to provide bankruptcy relief and solve your debt problems. You you never have to communicate directly with the creditors again. Attorney Schaller will personally discuss success options with you. He will explain the simple process before drafting the official documents. Attorney Schaller will hold your hand during the process and guide you along a successful path.

Put your trust in attorney Robert Schaller as 3,000+ other clients have done! Just contact Robert to get started down the path toward a FRESH START and becoming DEBT FREE. Solutions are only a phone call or text away at (630) 655-1301.

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National Bankruptcy Academy

Schaller Law strives for the highest levels of service and technical skills. The Firm understands the legal challenges you face and offers a flexible approach to bankruptcy help. The Firm will help you find the right solutions – quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Attorney Schaller knows that every client is different and tailors his services to meet each client’s needs.

Save Money

Money is tight when bills become overwhelming. So, Schaller Law provides services at reasonable rates and offers affordable payment plans. You can save money with fair fees that are typically only a fraction of BigLaw’s fees. Talk to attorney Schaller about the possibility of alternative fee arrangements, including flat fees, hourly fees, and split fees.

Solid Lawyer

Attorney Robert Schaller is a highly skilled bankruptcy attorney. He has filed over 3,000 bankruptcy cases. He has also argued bankruptcy cases before the United States Bankruptcy Court, United States District Court, and the United States Court of Appeals. He has authored over 22 books including books and articles.

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Client satisfaction is the most important feature of Schaller Law. The Firm understands that legal issues can be stressful and the legal process can seem daunting. That's why Schaller Law provides one-on-one attorney/client interactions. You should expect the best attention, time, and performance.  The Firm wants every client to be highly satisfied so that they will refer their friends and family!

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